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Why you should consider a Sermac truck-mounted concrete pump

Why you should consider a Sermac truck-mounted concrete pump

When it comes to choosing the most suitable concrete pump for your job, the vast range of options available can get a little confusing. Here at Utranazz, we provide an extensive selection of static and truck-mounted pumps which are available to hire or purchase through a range of handy options. Today, our focus is on our Sermac truck-mounted pump range and the advantages of using this time-saving equipment on your site.  

What is a truck-mounted pump?

A truck-mounted concrete pump is used for the placement of liquid concrete. Concrete is drawn and pushed through long pipes in continuous action, resulting in a constant flow. The concrete is transferred through a long boom, easily reaching difficult-to-access spaces and revolutionising an otherwise lengthy manual process.

More concrete, faster

Our Sermac truck-mounted pumps are highly advantageous in their ability to supply a large volume of concrete, quickly and on-demand. Traditional methods of conveying concrete have historically involved delivering buckets via a crane. Therefore, concrete pumps have marked a game-changer in the process. In increasing the volume of concrete that can be distributed, the entire job can be completed faster: this is great news for everyone involved in the process.  

Precise placements

A major perk of using a truck-mounted pump lies in their ability to supply concrete to difficult-to-reach locations. Our range of extendable booms at Utranazz can extend up to 63m, meaning you can precisely access tall buildings or other lofty locations. With a variety of boom heights available, our equipment is versatile and flexible to suit your exact needs. The mobility of the pump is also a bonus: due to being placed on a vehicle, the concrete can be physically delivered to any location in one trip. When it comes to difficult projects, precision and safety are key, and being able to place concrete exactly saves time, money and stress.

Reduces costs

In significantly speeding up the concrete placing operation, truck-mounted concrete pumps save you money in labour costs. Using this specialised machinery reduces the man-hours needed to distribute the concrete. In improving the efficiency of the process, you can get ahead of schedule and redirect valuable time to other parts of your project.

Utranazz’s range of Sermac Pumps

At Utranazz, our Sermac truck-mounted concrete pumps come in a variety of sizes to suit each job. Our variety of new and used models which are extremely popular including the 4ZR20, 4Z27, 5Z36 and 5RZ42 pumps. We also boast a range of quality used pumps which make fantastic alternatives to new equipment. To break things down, we have listed our most popular Sermac truck-mounted pumps below.

Sermac Superlight 46m Boom 5RZ46

With its impressive 46m boom height, the 5RZ46 model can place concrete on buildings up to 14 -storeys high. This model is particularly easy to manoeuvre due to a short wheelbase of 4.8m, enabling it to be set up in minimal ground space. The lightweight structure of the 5RZ46 has been achieved through the use of S900 special steel, which allows the pump to be mounted onto an 8x4 cab chassis and still weigh under 32 tons, keeping it within the UK weight limit.

Sermac 36 metre 5Z36 Concrete Pump

The 5Z36 is one of our best-selling models. It has a long-reach 36-metre boom, yet can still be mounted on an agile 6x4 cab/chassis. This makes it a perfect all-rounder, suited to both small and large jobs. This model can pump concrete at impressive rates of up to 185m3/hour! 

Sermac 20m City Pump 4ZR20

To place concrete at lower heights, the Sermac 20m multi-fold boom is an excellent option. This pump is ideal for confined city spaces or residential works. It features a flexible and versatile multi-fold boom design, combining a roll fold and z-fold opening. This model’s ability to reach up to 20-metre heights makes it an excellent option for tunnelling jobs to 6-storey high placements.

So, why choose us?

There an abundance of reasons to choose Utranazz for your concrete equipment needs. Our Sermac concrete pumps are available through a range of buying and hiring options, including hire-with-option-to-purchase as well as part-exchange possibilities. With over 50 years’ expertise in the concrete industry, you can rest assured that we can help match your needs with excellent equipment. Get in touch with Utranazz today to discuss your needs and find the perfect truck-mounted concrete pump for you. Email: [email protected] or phone: 01280 820770.

Why you should consider a Sermac truck-mounted concrete pump

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