Placing Booms and Accessories


Utranazz concrete placing booms are especially designed to work within restricted areas, such as high-rise buildings or structures that are unable to be supplied with concrete by conventional Truck-Mounted Concrete Pumps with booms. Various sizes and boom configurations, which are electrically powered and operated via radio remote control. 

The 3 types supplied are:

1. Standard unit fitted to a steel manufactured mast

2. Concrete pillar type

3. Hydraulically operated climbing frame

Utranazz range of Placing Booms come in 2 different sizes: 

BS28 - 28 metre 4 section with 5" line

BS32 - 32 metre 4 section with 5" line

All placing booms come complete with electric motor and power pack, counter weight, pipeline safety rails and ladders and the appropriate fixing kit.

from £325 per week each

In addition, we stock a range of miscellaneous equipment such as dumpers, pan mixers, compressors, generators and cut loaders – all of which we are happy to hire. Contact Us for relevant pricing. Any equipment that is listed on our Used Concrete Equipment List is also available for hire.

Concrete equipment is hired out on a weekly basis for a minimum period of 4 weeks.


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