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Utranazz’s Concrete Pump Range

Utranazz’s Concrete Pump Range

A concrete pump moves liquid concrete from one location to another, working in tandem with a mixer that supplies the concrete. With over five decades of use, concrete pumps are a staple on any construction site, allowing for large projects to be completed quickly, and reducing costly spend on personnel. They allow for concrete to be delivered in hard-to-reach places or areas where traditional methods are not suitable. There are different kinds of concrete pumps available, and at Utranazz we stock three different types: truck-mounted, static or trailer-mounted, and line pumps. All types offer a wealth of benefits, and all are uniquely suited for different types and sizes of construction sites.

Truck-mounted concrete pumps

Utranazz are the exclusive UK dealer for Sermac truck-mounted concrete pumps, and they remain one of the most popular pumps in the UK. They come in a variety of sizes, with outputs starting at 83m3/hour and boom lengths of up to 65m. Sermac truck-mounted pumps use a high manganese cast iron S-Valve, which allows for high outputs and low wear. To ensure maximum user safety, the pumps can be fitted with Sermac’s Control Stability (SCS) System, to prevent the boom from moving into an unsafe position if the stabilising legs are not fully extended.

One of our most popular truck-mounted pumps is the Sermac Zenith 5Z36 Concrete Pump. With a 36m boom designed with a five-section ‘Z’ fold, and a minimum boom opening height of just 6.75m, the 5Z36 Concrete Pump provides the ideal solution for both small and large sites. It can pump up to 183m3 of concrete per hour and can be easily manoeuvred, thanks to its assembly on a 3 axle truck with a wheelbase of 3.900 - 4.200 mm, making it a great all-round choice.

Static concrete pumps

Our static concrete pumps are all trailer mounted, have a range of output capabilities, and can be easily delivered and quickly set up at your construction site. They are suited to large or small jobs, that require a slower rate of concrete and work well for concrete placement in hard-to-reach areas, thanks to their compact size. Our static concrete pumps come supplied with radio remote controls, alongside numerous additional accessories. The Turbosol TB40/T Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump has been designed with ease of use and operation at the forefront and is lightweight and compact. Exclusive to Utranazz, the TB40/T pumps at 40m3/hour and is fitted with access doors on the canopy to make maintenance easy to undertake.

Truck-mounted concrete line pumps

A truck-mounted concrete line pump uses a ground line pipe to transport liquid concrete where it needs to be. Line pumps are especially beneficial for pumping concrete at low levels and are more versatile than truck-mounted concrete pumps as they are mounted on an under HGV chassis, so they can get into the smallest of sites and negotiate busy city centres with ease. They are ideal for working on projects in confined sites or sites within busy urban areas. They are often easier to use and maintain than larger truck-mounted concrete pumps. Utranazz’s TB40 City Pump Concrete Line Pump offers an affordable alternative to larger truck-mounted concrete pumps. It has a horizontal reach of 200m and a vertical reach of 100m3* and carries its own pipework on-board.


At Utranazz, we have a large range of new and used concrete pumps in UK stock for sale or hire. We offer a range of flexible sales packages, including hire-with-option-to-purchase and part-exchange.  To see our full range of concrete pumps, get in touch through our online contact form, or give us a call on 01280 820770.

Utranazz’s Concrete Pump Range

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