Finance Options

Utranazz works with a number of finance companies to offer you flexible finance products tailored to your requirements. These include:


Whether you simply need additional working capital or need to fund a deposit on a new piece of equipment, refinancing releases the funds you need quickly. The finance company will buy the asset from you at a percentage of the value and refinance it back to you. Once you’ve finished paying for it, you will be the owner.

Sale and HP back is a form of refinance. With the Sale and HP Back product the finance company purchase the asset at an agreed value, and finance it back to you over a fixed period with repayments matching the income stream generated by the asset.

This is a simple yet effective way to finance a business that is aiming for expansion.

Hire Purchase

Whether you need to invest in new equipment or vehicles, the hire purchase product offers fixed monthly repayments so you can manage your budget effectively over the repayment term. Plus, when you’ve finished paying, the asset becomes yours.

Finance lease

This facility is designed to give you flexible lease periods that match your cash flow needs. Your rental payments will cover the cost of the asset and you will have full use of it and be responsible for maintenance and insurance. At the end you can either; enter into a secondary rental period, sell the asset and receive the majority of the sale price, or, return it to the finance company.

Operating lease

This is the perfect solution for many customers that want to use an asset without having to purchase it. The period of the lease is flexible, but will reflect the future residual value of the asset. The finance company may underwrite the future residual value therefore allowing you ‘off balance sheet’ funding and reduced monthly rentals.

For more information, or to arrange finance on any of our equipment, please contact us on 01280 820770 or email: [email protected]