Shipping Concrete Equipment to non-UK Destinations

Utranazz can arrange international movement of its concrete equipment to any port in the world at extremely competitive rates. We use shipping companies who specialise in transporting heavy-duty equipment via container or roll on roll off (RO/RO). Utranazz will take care of all the export documentation, arrange delivery of machinery to the Docks and expedite delivery of shipping documents via international courier service to ensure a quick and easy shipping process.

Prior to shipping via sea freight, all concrete equipment is sprayed with a special rust-proofing wax to prevent any corrosion from the sea air.

Utranazz ensures that stringent security measures are in place before shipping any equipment by using the following theft-proof methods:

  1. All easily detachable items are removed and placed in a steel box, which can be welded to the machinery
  2. For items such as concrete mixers all easily removable items are placed inside the concrete drum and a wire mesh is welded over the opening.
  3. For items such as concrete pumps all pipe-work is welded down and any easily removable items are placed in the hopper and a wire mesh is then welded over the opening.

Transporting Concrete Equipment to UK Destinations

Utranazz has its own transport fleet of vehicles that can deliver equipment to any destination in the UK. We have low loaders for weights of up to 20-ton and for smaller loads, beaver tail rigid lorries for weights up to 7.5- ton. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry!