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Why Utranazz concrete batching plants make efficient on-site solutions

Why Utranazz concrete batching plants make efficient on-site solutions

What are Concrete Batching Plants?  

Concrete batching plants are used to provide construction sites with constant supplies of concrete, making valuable assets to any project. Here at Utranazz, we offer a wide range of batching plants options: our Sami, SBM and Semix plants offer mobile, semi-mobile and static options to suit every customer. All batching plants in our range are flexible and versatile, with some models fully transportable and automated; they are contemporary in design, can be designed to suit individual customer requirements. We have outlined some reasons why Utranazz batching plants provide great benefits and value.

1.Tailor to the length of your project

When it comes to large projects, flexibility is key. Our range of batching plants can suit any project length, making short or long-term projects as productive as possible. For example, our container-mobile SBM Euromix is perfect for long-term projects. Alternatively, for shorter enterprises, our Supermobile Euromix model boasts optimized features to speed up processes, taking only 480 minutes to install. Our Sami Techno 3-100 model can also be set up and working on-site within one hour. With mobile batching plants, construction managers can decommission the plant quickly before moving onto the next site– making projects as efficient as possible.

2.Adapt to your space

A major advantage of our range of concrete batching plants is that they can be designed to suit a variety of spaces, no matter how obscure the layout. Available in a range of sizes, our batching plants are ideal for when you are limited by size: they can occupy just the amount of space you need. Our containerized, mobile, semi-mobile and static batching plants can be configured to a variety of layouts such as T-shape and in-line configuration. With concrete outputs starting from 15m3 up to200m3+ per hour, Utranazz has a concrete batching plant to suit every need and every type of space.

3.Cost saving  

Utranazz concrete batching plants can suit a wide range of budgets, alongside helping you save money in the long run. Our Sami plants are a fantastic option for customers who are looking for dry batch plant with small to medium outputs but without spending vast amounts of money. Our Semix range offers great value for money for customers looking for larger output wet plants. Alternatively, our SMB range is a premium option for large outputs. Built to endure, our plants offer exceptional performance 24/7 under all kinds of weather conditions, giving you peace of mind in your investment.

4.Range of buying options

Here at Utranazz, we have a variety of finance options for our new and used concrete batching plants. Alongside competitive hire rates, we provide a popular hire-with-option-to-purchase scheme, so you can try before you buy. With our generous part-exchange deals on new batching plants, we can also help if you're interested in upgrading your existing plant.


Get in touch to explore Utranazz’s extensive range of new and used equipment, and let us find the perfect batching plant for your needs today.

Why Utranazz concrete batching plants make efficient on-site solutions

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